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  • 23 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn't Know
    23 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn't KnowBy Ronald Moiles DVM  Do you think you know everything there is to know about canines? Think again! Check out these 23 interesting Read more
  • Grain Free Pet Food: Health or Hype
    Grain Free Pet Food: Health or Hype?By Dr. Ronald Moiles DVMIn recent years, grain free pet foods have become extremely popular. This trend was most likely developed in more of Read more
  • Pets need New Year's resolutions, too
    Happy New Year from the Doctors and Staff of the Kalamazoo Animal Hospital! Read more
  • Are dogs really color blind?
    Debunking an urban myth. If you think the answer is yes, you are wrong! Modern science has answered this age-old question: Dogs can see color, but not in the Read more
  • Therapeutic Laser Therapy
    The Kalamazoo Animal Hospital offers therapeutic laser therapy for dogs and cats for a variety of medical conditions. The therapy is done by trained laser therapy technicians at our emergency Read more
  • Poinsettias - are they harmful to your pets?
    Did you know that poinsettias are not the deadly flowers that popular legend has made them out to be? In reality, poinsettia ingestion will typically cause only mild to moderate Read more
  • Why dogs dig: My dog is digging his way to China. What do I do??
    Why do dogs dig holes? Oh, let us count the reasons:To regulate their body heat if sufficient shade or warmth isnt available.To hunt . . . oh the mice, moles, Read more
  • How to Photograph Your Pets Like a Pro.
    Patience is key.Avoid staging photos and simply give pets time to unleash a bit of their personality. Photographer Parker Smith typically schedules about 90 minutes for sessions at his Atlanta Read more
  • Why Does My Dog... Lean on Me?
    Is your dog a leaner? Its a common enough issue. Most serial dog owners are likely to have lived with one at some point.But its not just leaning. Its also Read more
  • My cat has horrible aim when it comes to the litter box.
    The number one behavior complaint from cat owners is that their cats miss the litter box or are urinating or defecating in inappropriate places around the house. Understanding why yo Read more